LifestyleHack-CutSpongesThe problem I was having was the annoying issue of mildew buildup resulting in me tossing sponges quite often.  I guess maybe this isn’t really groundbreaking news, as I’m sure those of you who use dish sponges probably figured this out long long ago!  But,  the thing is that I come from the farm life, and that life included a washing machine and a private well.  And that meant that we used cotton rags to do these jobs and washed & disinfected them often.

In our small style life every load of laundry takes up space inside the rig and costs around $5 to wash & dry, so we attempt to keep dirty laundry accumulation minimal.  A simple switch to dish sponges made excellent sense but I insisted on keeping a fresh smelling one.  But sponges require time between use to fully dry or they get smelly and I have no dishwasher to disinfect one in, and no washing machine to wash them in.  Besides all of that, they are meant to be disposable!

So they weren’t drying enough between uses and I was tossing sponges weekly or sooner.  So here is where I might be a bit different than others…  $40 a year in sponges seemed excessive to me.  REALLY excessive.   I can think of so many better ways to spend that money so I was frustrated with the expense.  I needed to cut it in half OR MORE and so that is exactly what I did.  I cut them in half.  🙂

I’m so pleased with myself and they are great!  They dry faster, soak up less soap per use, therefore saving soap and water plus they are so much easier to handle.  AND I spend half as much money.

So there’s my share, and I hope it helps!

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