Eloy Arizona is home to a variety of adventures and fun for nearly all ages.  Kids and adults can enjoy the safety of Indoor Skydiving and the very brave can go on a Skydive!
IMG_20151031_123747Skydive Arizona is a great place to visit.  Great weather and a variety of extreme adventures for you to participate in.  Indoor Skydiving in a Vertical Wind Tunnel or learning how to skydiving with a student freefall package.  If you are into taking a ride, then why not enjoy the experience of a Tandem skydive and leave the tough stuff to the professionals.


NOT A BOONDOCKING SITE, however if you buy a Freefall training or Skydiving package you can ask about camping overnight during your program in their large level parking lot.  They even have dedicated RV sites that you can reserve if you are a participant or become a regular skydiver.

Skydive Arizona and SkyVenture Arizona are at the same location. Jump or fly! Fun for everyone.
Skydive Arizona and SkyVenture Arizona are at the same location. Jump or fly! Fun for everyone.

Skydiving is not actually as dangerous as many people think!  JED and I are both experienced skydivers, him more than I, and although we don’t skydive currently we are still huge fans and supporters.  Many of our closest friends jump from a “perfectly good airplane” on a daily basis, participate in National and Worldwide competitions and while from time to time things happen, they rarely happen to students!  Tandem skydives, where you are strapped to an instructor is unbelievably safe and yet a RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING experience!

This is her very first flight
This is her very first flight

Indoor Skydiving is SO low risk that my daughter flew her first flight at the age of 3!  Yes 3 years old!  So it’s good for the kids, good for mom & dad and anyone else in relatively good physical condition & health.


Location: 4900 N Taylor St, Eloy, AZ 85131
Contact Phone: (520) 466-3753
Website: http://www.skydiveaz.com 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Skyventure-Arizona-158296157514600 

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