RVPhoto2016We drive a 1993 Fleetwood Southwind Diesel pusher Class A motor coach.

  • Class A means we ride inside our ‘home’ while on the road and there is no cab over the top of the driver’s seat; it looks a lot like a big bus or coach.
  • Diesel pusher means that our motor is in the rear of our rig and uses diesel fuel.

Our rig is 34′ long, has dual axles (6 tires) and a 6 cylinder 5.9L Cummins turbo diesel engine.  We purchased it used and in need of a few repairs.  It came with the custom paint and we enjoy the fact that our rig looks very different than similar same age/size counterparts that we encounter on the road.  While our engine could perhaps be considered small, we find that it is fuel efficient and more than adequate for the mountainous terrain and back country dispersed camping we find ourselves doing most of the time.  A bigger engine and faster climb up the mountains would only equal more fuel and higher cost for us overall.

Most of our electrical needs are provided by the sun.  We have a custom built roof rack system designed and built by JED with a fixed position horizontal solar array.  An Outback Flexmax charge controller turns solar power into 12VDC which charges our batteries. The 12VDC is converted to 120VAC by the inverter built into our SunRNR unit. That 120VAC is then routed through a transfer switch to the main electrical panel to run all our electrical outlets and air conditioners.   We supplement our power needs with our 30 amp diesel generator when necessary.   Propane is our cooking & heating fuel of choice and we carry up to 20lbs worth at a time.  Our plumbing is contained in the heated underbelly so we are able to be comfortable at and below freezing temperatures.



Average MPG: 9 in the Mountains | Length: 34′ | Fresh Water: 100 gal |
Power & Fuel: Propane, Diesel Generator & Solar | Boondocking Potential: 7 days

Our towed vehicle is a 1994 Honda Civic VX which averages more than 45 mpg.   It is a very basic, manual shift with front wheel drive which allows us to venture on many 4 wd trails due to it’s small size, and JED’s fierce off-road driving skills.

As far as dispersed camping and remote camping in the mountains, this setup is ideal for us.   While we often contemplate a change in either our main rig or tow car, we are unable to imagine a scenario that could work better for us in this lifestyle.

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