That’s me and my Farmer’s Market Booth (click to enlarge)

Before I was On Borrowed Land, I was Dawn on the Farm and I thoroughly enjoyed that part of my life.  My family and I lived off of 1 acre of land in the Smoky Mountains where I grew sprawling gardens and square foot gardens.  I grew most of our food and raised chickens & domestic geese for eggs & meat.

I sold many delicious things once upon a time (click to enlarge)

I sold garden vegetables, baked goods and specialty jams at our local farmer’s market, which I helped run.  I even entered the County fair and won a Blue Ribbon for my Dairy Free Fudge Brownies.  My hobby farm blog was a busy place to be with great ideas, recipes and just fun farm antics.  I headed up a local “Get Growing” initiative in my county and met most of my best friends while doing that.  For several years it was a challenging and wonderful life and I miss that often.

Here on the road I haven’t been able to shake the driving need to garden for food.  To have useful living plants in my space and as a chef, I can’t function very well without a basket of fresh garlic, red onions and an array of fresh herbs!  If we stay anywhere for 3 months or longer, which we have done twice, I tend to plant a potted garden for us.   At JED’s Uncle’s house where we visit I planted a garden then headed off for the summer and came back to find the garden grown and harvested good seed stock from it.  Since I carry my own seeds from farm days, it’s important to grow them out from time to time and re-harvest new seeds, ya know to keep them fresh.

So this year I’ll be expanding my portable garden with an upcoming 5 months to spend in South Dakota and I look forward to sharing all of my garden tips & tricks as I use them from over the years.  In just a week I’ll start sprouting the seeds for my summer garden.  I even plan to give growing Corn in containers a go this summer!

Here are some examples of gardens and potted plants I have had since being on the road.

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