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Frequently Asked Lifestyle Questions

How do you afford to do all of this traveling?
Most everywhere we visit is inexpensive and would cost you the same as us, a little gas and time.  Take a day trip, pack up your RV or take a tent and the kids, do what you must but just go!  Get out there.  Enjoy America for all it’s glory and celebrate our great land of plenty.

What is Boondocking?
The best definition I can give you is that Boondocking is remote camping inside of a vehicle; car, van, RV etc. Most would agree that boondocking locations are generally free.  Some folks consider parking overnight in a Walmart to be boondocking, but that really isn’t our thing.

What is Dispersed Camping?
Dispersed camping means camping overnight, usually a term used in National Forests/Recreation Areas, but not in a developed campground area and usually with no amenities.

What is Dry Camping?
Dry camping is when you camp without resources nearby.  No water spigot, no bathrooms etc. One could dry camp in a campground and pay a fee for access like at a State Park or National Forest Campground.

What is an RV Oasis?
By my definition, and mine ONLY, an RV or Boondocking Oasis is an RV friendly campsite that has amenities available.   One or more of the following resources on-site: dumpsters, water, dump station, laundry facilities.  It is the opposite of Dispersed Camping and there is usually a fee. It could be a campground, it could be a state park, either way there are amenities that compared to dispersed and dry camping make you feel like you are in an Oasis.

What is a Boondocking Site
By my definition this label refers to a place to park your boondocking vehicle and set up camp for a few days.  A place where you can pitch your extra tent, roll out an indoor outdoor rug and set up your lawn chairs without worry of being “evicted”. It is usually remote with no amenities on-site and is in almost every case, free.

How do you figure out where to camp or boondock?
Each time we decide to set out to a new place I hop on the WWW and hope I’ll find what I’m looking for, but usually don’t.  I find starting places, a nugget of information here and there, a website with partial information or a bad map and by the time I’m done “researching” our next destination, I need a nap.  It isn’t easy.

I use BLM websites & maps, National Park & National Forest Websites, I compare Google satellite images to MVUM’s (motor vehicle use maps) provided by the Forestry Service at Ranger Stations where we are.   Lots of times Google Satellite has captured other boondocking RV’s so we know that spot has been used before.  If it’s a completely new area, we take the RV to a place I believe has the best chance of site for us and we investigate.  Sometimes we remove the tow vehicle and scout around a bit.  It’s all part of the journey!

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