Should I share or shouldn’t I share is the question.  It has been the question for some time as I ponder the desire to share with the desire for space, our own space.  We visit public lands, the information is open to anyone who looks for it as hard as I do, so I am not really sharing anything that you couldn’t already know yourself.  Let’s all adhere to the strict policy of pack it in pack it out, have strict fire maintenance standards and leave zero impact on the lands you visit.

The following google map tool will help you find the locations we have camped at or other sites seen along the journey.  Fortunately for all of you, JED likes to drive for pleasure so we tend to tour around quite a bit near each site.

We both work online and need access to the internet for our work so most every place we stay has to have two main things, good sun exposure and at least 3 bars on the 4g wireless signal.  Only two or three places have been without any kind of signal and it’s usually above 8k’ and deep in the wilderness.

For full features and photos enlarge the map:

Map Tips:
Stars are Boondocking Sites & Campsites | Circles are Oasis Points  and Points of Interest

If you prefer, as I sometimes do, here it is in spreadsheet form

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