AboutUsJED and I go together like peas and carrots.

To make a long story short…

We are in our early 40’s and are self employed at website development, internet marketing and graphic design.  We work-camp, or workamp, in a variety of jobs and locations to utilize all of the skills we have acquired over our lives as well as gain new ones.  Our desire is to live our own lives to their fullest with gratitude, while serving wherever we can in life.  We travel with our elderly dog Bird who thinks she’s still a young pup, and together we enjoy our ever changing lives & adventures.

To make a short story long…

About Us - JED skydive
JED flying his canopy

Before JED and I ever met he already graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and served our United States Army for 10 years.  At Virginia Tech JED busied himself with every project he could.  There was building a fully functional F1 racecar, as well as taking full advantage of available machine shop opportunities to create, weld and design innovative solutions for school and personal projects.  In the Army he specialized in operating large machinery, driving complicated vehicles, as well as explosives and demolition.  After his service he worked using his B.S. Degree and computer skills designing buildings, and commercial roofing systems for an employer.  He became interested in skydiving and became a licensed rigger and jumpmaster.  Soon he was meeting people from all over the world and the traveling bug bit him again.  Still he bought a home, settled down and tried to take as many trips as life would allow.

Dawn skydiving
Dawn sit flying in freefall

While he was doing all of that I traveled by bus from Chicago to Los Angeles, which is where my little girl was born.  I tried settling down and got into advertising & graphic design but my wanderlust was too great.  Before she was 3 years old my daughter had already traveled over 2000 miles by van!  We were traveling in a converted cargo van, sometimes called van-dwelling these days, looking for new adventures along Interstate 10.  In Florida I got into skydiving and have jumped about 30 times from a “perfectly good airplane”.  My real flying experience comes from over a decade of freeflying in vertical wind tunnels, some people call it Indoor Skydiving.  After that I settled down in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains, bought a home and enjoyed a small family life traveling when I could.

And this is where our paths crossed in life, we met at a flying related event.  I was a stay at home mom a couple of years into my own small but successful website business, building website & advertising programs, still dabbling in graphic design.  JED became interested in getting out of his office job and working for himself so I introduced him to what I was doing.  Soon he was flourishing as a work from home entrepreneur, building sites, servers and refining SEO.  In fact, we both still build & manage websites for a small client base while we are on the road.

Not long ago I was "Dawn on the Farm"
Dawn’s Farm Market Table

It seems it takes a lot to keep us still because in addition to websites & internet work we each still had desires to do more.  He opened his own Dune Buggy dealership & repair shop and I started a small single acre sustainable farm on my land complete with an array of poultry & waterfowl.  JED became the go to guy for Joyner Dune Buggies and 6 hours south where I lived, I became the go to gal for fresh veggies, jelly and eggs.  I volunteered on our Farmer’s Market steering committee as well as sold my produce and value added products there.

The garage we built together
The garage we built together

As homeowners and DIY fans, we eagerly dove into our own home repairs, remodeling and additions.  JED converted a floor of his home to a income earning rental, and built a few home additions for friends.  I built fences, chicken coops, productive gardens and did plenty of indoor remodels as well.  I got my first job working in construction in LA after the 1994 earthquake.  I was 19 and they hired me based on the experience I had during the summers I spent helping my dad build decks and garages growing up.  Mostly I stick to carpentry and finish work but have experience in other areas.  Just recently JED and I built a garage together with his Uncle, from pouring the footers all the way to the 2 story roofing job.  It was a great experience and one I hope we’ll get to repeat sometime.

Our first home together
His nice Class A which was our first home together

So there we were, we had homes and great lives, but an overwhelming desire to travel, and so that is what we each made happen for ourselves.  When we got together, as a couple, we each had our own RVs.  He had a nice Class A and I have a tiny old broken down Mallard Travel Trailer I pulled with my pickup.  When I got my camper it was completely destroyed and JED and I worked together to repair it enough for use.  That Mallard is my future glamper and it sits in storage while we ride in style in JEDs Class A rig.  Not the same rig as when we started off though, soon after teaming up we realized we need more room and underbelly pipes with heat so we could ski bum our first season out!

JED feeding Sammy the Tiger raw poultry
JED feeding Sammy the Tiger

Our first unofficial workamping job was one of those right place right time opportunities.  Staples Safari was traveling through and they allowed us to setup with them in exchange for doing some odd jobs.  Informally I trained a Lemur to like Slurpies and JED developed a relationship with a 600 lb Albino Bengal Tiger.  It was probably the coolest experience I have ever had, to wake to Camels and a tiger’s roar.  The crew was amazing and welcomed us as one of their own, but our immediate futures were not intertwined.  Colorado and the Rockies were calling to us both and they were headed to the Pacific North West, a little too far for our comfort at that time.

We both snowboard & ski

Next we headed to Boulder, Colorado where we built that 2 story garage I mentioned earlier from the foundation to the roof with his Uncle’s Construction Company.  Then JED and I framed in & wired a full basement apartment together.  After that we took time to become experienced all season RV boondockers and ski bums in Summit County Colorado where JED, a former ski/snowbard instruction in college, taught me to snowboard.  Fortunately the new RV he picked up with enclosed underbelly enabled us to live at 9,000+’ above sea level and enjoy many spring skiing powder days.  After the cold weather passed we began work remodeling the new-to-us RV.  We repaired & repainted walls, upgraded the solar, installed hardwood floors, changed bathroom fixtures and interior storage arrangements to our satisfaction.

Placer mining in South Dakota
Placer mining in the Black Hills of South Dakota

After that we decided to try workamping more formally and I applied for a temporary job in Keystone, SD and was hired.  Off we went spending a few weeks in the Black Hills where I worked full time operating a Convenience Store/Gas Station & Coin Laundry and JED worked on a few handyman jobs as well as became educated in Placer Mining.

We’ve worked together quite a bit and compliment each others work style.  We are excited to look for additional opportunities to use our existing skills and learn new ones.  If you have a job opportunity for one or both of us and think that we would be a good fit for your team, please email me dawnmsuiter@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to connect you to our full online Workamper Resume.

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